Saturday, January 9, 2010

Been Gone, All's Ok!

WOW! I can't believe I haven't posted since the beginning of September!
Well, we are all well here--I guess I've been busy, or taking a vacation from cyberspace. I hadn't Tweeted in six months!! Couldn't believe it!
Our house hasn't sold, an offer fell through, it was quite disappointing. I do feel in my heart of hearts we will look back and say it all turned out for the best (once it turns out, that is!). So--still waiting, and still struggling to keep a clean house!! Ahhhh!
I have been doing less beading and very much less resin (can't leave trays of resin out if there is a showing! See, it is even cramping my crafting!). I HAVE discovered a new, delightful, very fun craft, though. Needle felting!! Check my site for some I have listed. They are so much fun--but basically I hope I can sell some to pay for new supplies to make more. That's how it works, basically my etsy site keeps me in crafts and not much else. Hmmm, I may still be in the hole. Sometimes my temptations overcome my budget...
I'll talk more about needle felting in future blogs.
It is very much winter here, just had a snowstorm. With the el nino, we will hopefully have a warmer (by this I mean 30s and 40s?) February and March. So far January has been pretty darn cold.
I guess those are the highlights. I just wanted to let you know I am alive and well! I have many many posts of my blog buddies to catch up on as well!!