Monday, June 1, 2009

Why I Should Never EVER Throw Anything Away

OK! I have been spending plenty of time teasing myself about being a pack rat over the past couple of months as we prepared the house to put on the market.

But a packrat isn't just made, it is learned. And here is a great example....

Back to my crafters' ADHD--I am part way through the adorable pear (see entry below!), and part way through the tomato (I had to go buy stuffing and eyes which I did this morning). I found a free pattern for a cupcake--partway through that. I had found where I packed my yarn, and went to town! This stuff is perfect for me because the projects are rather fast (well, maybe they are even FASTER for those who don't have speed disabilities in crochet as I apparently do!) so I don't have time to get sick of them.

Well, I looked through my bag of yarn with dismay. As I packed it up, I donated about half of it--thinking, I am done with crocheting. There is no way I will need this bright orange skein of yarn EVER again.

UNTIL NOW, when I am going to crochet an ORANGE with a cute face. Sigh. So today I had to go out and buy more orange yarn! I would have saved myself $2 (it was on sale--everything was that I bought today--ah, I feel like I lead a charmed life!!)...

Let's just say it was not the only yarn purchase I made today.

I didn't even WANT to look in the bead aisle! Well, I forced myself.

Anyway, it is a few points in favor of hoarding. And a big example of my crafters' ADHD.

Sidenote, I googled free crochet patterns, and found these GREAT ones on Lion Brand yarn's website. I want to make about 99% of them! I had to make up a login/password (they are all free patterns), so you might need to in order to view them--but it is well worth it. ADORABLE.

This little guy is on the Lion Brand website's list of free patterns--

he is totally on my list--is this so cute or WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Final note: Only one couple came through for our open house this weekend. Big bummer. BUT, the house is clean, so I am going to go crochet for the next 45 minutes until I need to pick up girlie! So THAT is a silver lining!

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chinamommy said...

Oh i'm with ya ADD craft sister! everything i give to goodwill i need in a couple years- i told my husband we can never throw anything away again :) i wish you were closer so you could teach me to crochet! i have yarn, books, needles... haha!