Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can I Do It?

Ok, I think I've come to a conclusion...

I just need to put the resin away to where I can't get to it...

I have so much to do to prepare for putting this house up for sale, yet I spend so much more time foolin' with my resin! Not like my shop sales can make up for the time I spend.

Yes, I do love it. Yes. But there are THINGS to be done!! I have some pieces to finish. Then AWAY it goes. I still have items to list on etsy--I make them faster than I can list (because it is more fun to make them than to list them!! ha ha!!)... so I think I just need to put it away and list what I have. Then maybe I won't get so distracted by the glitter, what-not and hoo-haws scattered about.

Not that I can TOTALLY stop with any jewelry. I just mean the resin. Because it draws me in and keeps me there!

Because then I'll have more time to pack and, urg, clean... So resin, by this time in two days, you're packed up and hidden (I have to hide my chocolate, too, for the record. It does help, even though I KNOW where I've hidden it from myself!)!!!

Can I do it?????


Christy said...

You can do it! Pack it all up, let your husband hide it from you so you don't cave, and periodically reward yourself with a few hours of resin!

Olitopia said...

LOL, resin is really fun... I can never find enough to do with it... I just want to keep resining things. I'm that way with hot glue too... I run out of things to do before I want to stop gluing!