Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WHEEE! My New Etsy Shop

This has been on my mind for a while! I've been wanting to set up this new etsy shop and today is the big day! My husband has learned to make the frames, and I've learned to cut mats (previously done by my dad--but we wanted to take over before I started an actual shop). I set up shop, listed some sample names...
...Now I wait! :-) But that's ok... I am working on a couple of framed name gifts right now, which are keeping me busy. Plus the jewelry, there is always the jewelry.
I just love doing these names, and have been so pleased with the feedback I have received. I started doing them... oh, maybe 12 years ago? They look very different now! I used icky little frames from Walmart (the only place I could find decent panoramic frames!), without mats back then. They've metamorphasized into something more professional-looking. Even if I don't make a sale, I am really glad that I am trying. Well, I do WANT to make a sale, ha ha... I guess it is just that I DID IT!!
To be able to make a little money doing things I love--I mean, HOW GREAT IS THAT? I'm tryin'! :-)
Oh, I almost forgot! Here it is: It's All in a Name

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Ginny said...

Congratulations! As the proud owner of one of these signs, I can attest to their charm and loveliness. Not to mention the quality! They make GREAT shower/new baby gifts--I have commissioned several!