Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Isn't This Cute?

I know I've mentioned my friend and fellow jewelry-maker, Tronsgirl, before. Recently she asked me to make a little special order for her--some small resin charms. She had been asked to make a "Nightmare Before Christmas" charm bracelet! I love how it turned out. She glued little cabs to the resin charms, and I think it looks great--she make the "backs" into fronts--and solved the problem of the resin pieces having "backs." Now either way looks great. Had to showcase it here, because I just love it!! Too bad it is not for sale because it was a special order--but maybe she would make another! :-)


Ginny said...

How adorable!! I heart that movie--what a great charm bracelet. I hope you two collaborate more in the future!

loveofbeads said...

That is so kind of you, but I can't take any credit for collaborating, it was all Tronsgirl! I made the couple of pieces per her directions, and she purchased them like the other charms! It was all her! :-)