Saturday, January 31, 2009


Did you ever have one of those days where you just wander around getting nothing accomplished because you are in the middle of so many things and you don't know where to start? Here are a few things on my partially-finished list that I have been struggling with today:

*A partially completed beadwoven bracelet
I tend to do this type of work at night in front of the tv. Although I haven't given up my tv time (amazing, huh?!), I have been too beat to pick this up and bring it with me. You know how heavy a needle can be.... (oh boy!)

*A bunch of items to be photographed and listed on etsy
I can't sell 'em if they ain't listed, right???

*The top of my seed bead/glass bead dresser (yes, DRESSER--not box, DRESSER!) needs to be cleaned up
The upside is that I DID clean up my craft room a bit... just didn't get to the dresser.

*A bunch of items to be sanded, drilled and glued--including one special order that was ordered and paid for a while ago (sorry Tronsgirl!)--the star doggie
I have no excuse! I MUST mail it out Monday morning!!!

I did get some more resin pieces made--yes, that means they'll hit my sanding pile tomorrow morning, most likely--why do I do it to myself?
Those pink things are bottle cap magnets! I like how they turned out, they were a lot of fun. They are sea life and look very 3-D because I used several layers of resin. Fun!

And I have been thinking about this delightful mix of bead soup I ordered. Crystals and fire polished beads galore. But I'm not allowed to touch them (figuratively) until I finish what I already started. Although you can see that I poured them on a plate and looked through them. I also accidentally dumped half of them over, but that is another story... Anyway, ideas with these beads are cluttering my brain!

ALSO, found these adorable brads! I can cut the backs off, and solder them to my glass pendant frames, so THAT is also on my mind and something I am not allowed to start until I get some of this other stuff finished! They are SO CUTE!!!
Other things I accomplished today (maybe it will make me feel better to list my accomplishments):
*Took a shower
*Watched episode of Clean House on cable
*Went to hardware store with family and talked husband to going through Wendy's drive-thru
*Organized icons on computer desktop
*Watched last half of an episode of Top Chef and first half of an episode of Housewives of Orange County
*Updated blog with a rather whiney post
Sigh--NO, not making me feel better, I think I should stop now! Well, tomorrow is a new day, right?!?! And this sure beats having a creative mind block! ;-)

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