Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The kids' Thanksgiving break started today, and we are having a delicious, delightful pajama morning. They are playing together nicely (for the most part), and it just feels like bliss... how I imagined life when I daydreamed about becoming a mom! I know this could change drastically with a cross word (or worse) among the two, so I will enjoy the peaceful moment, however short the moment might be!
Well, I have been hearing a lot about "diversify" on the news as of late--although it is not QUITE the same (ha ha) I have decided to expand a bit and have opened another shop on Art Fire ( This is a handmade site like etsy, and it is in its Beta stage, which means I can go along for the ride while it is being developed. There is lots of feedback and interaction with the developers in the chat areas. Although it is a little buggy, like a Beta OUGHT to be, I like it so far. And as much as I love etsy, it really seems saturated right now. I like being one of fewer members on ArtFire. And the way they talk about it on Twitter ( it sounds quite up and coming....
Anyway, if you'd like to check out my store on ArtFire:
Other selling news, I have a craft fair coming up on December 13 with my etsy (college friend) Tronsgirl ( and we are working out our displays. I picked up these fabulous "gems" (for lack of a better word) at Michael's yesterday to decorate the table. I must admit I was glad to have an excuse, as I was just DRAWN to them. My kids are in love with them, too--so much so that I had to put a rule "only hold them at the table" so they wouldn't go walking off never to be seen by me again!
We still need a table covering--a little more important than the decor--ha ha--but we'll get to that. Tronsgirl has picked up some cute decorations from the Dollar Tree--little Christmas trees. And of course we will have our jewelry displays as well. I'll be sure to post how that all turns out.
For now, another Diet Dr. Pepper, and I will curl up in my robe (we'll see how LONG I can stand staying in my pajamas!!) and just enjoy this wonderful motherhood!

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