Monday, November 24, 2008

First Snowfall of the Season

How appropriate that the morning I popped out my long awaited resin snowflakes we would wake to a white, snowy world!

I like the resin ones better...

Ok, I guess it was pretty and all. And it was only 2". And we will be above freezing for our highs all week (by a few degrees). And I didn't have to drive in it when it was coming down at its worst. The kids were really excited. I didn't have trouble finding snow pants and boots (because I was in denial and didn't do it last night!!). Shoveling was not hard. Ok, how's that for bright side??? I'm trying!!!

Husband is in Tampa for the day, but he won't get to see much of it, airports and meetings all day. Left early this morning and will be back later tonight. Wouldn't want to trade, even tho' it is Tampa and we snowed!!!!

I am waiting for the plumber to call. Perhaps that sours my snow-mood as well....

Sadly, although I was able to pop the resin snowflakes out--the mold couldn't stand the pressure and cracked in many places! What a disappointment because I LOVE the way they turned out!! I know she didn't pay a whole lot for the mold, really I would consider it worth it for a one-use-mold. Now THESE snowflakes make me happy!! :-) I think they will make nice pendants, magnets, and my friend suggested a large ring. She likes large rings, and can't be the only one out there. I will have to keep one for myself, especially since the mold is gone... but which one?!

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elizabethjayne said...

Thanks! Glad you liked them :D There's more on the way, you'll have to tell me if they're just as cute...I think so, but I'm kinda biased haha!

I like your resin snowflakes better than the real ones too. I'm a true Southern gal..I don't like the cold at all!

Happy crafting,