Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yesterday's Party

Yesterday we attended a family party for my neice's 14th birthday! I can't believe how old all of the kids are getting. I am so proud of her, though. She is a person of quality, someone I would like and admire even if she wasn't a member of my family! Fun was had by all at the party. Of course my kids did not want to leave. It is just so heart-warming to see how all of the cousins love each other--from almost 17 down to 4--they all get along and play together. It is sweet!

Bonus--she likes to make jewelry, too! For her birthday I got her a kit from a great etsy seller: SunAndMoonCraftKits ( It is a kit where she can make several different pendants, from glass to scrabble tile, and includes everything you need! I hope she has a lot of fun with it, truly I was tempted with it myself! The items pictured were not the exact kit I got for her, but pretty close!! It all came in a really cute tin, and very nice, clear instructions were sent to me in a PDF file.
Keep this in mind for Christmas for the crafters on your list. As I said, she is fourteen and I... am much older than that--and it appealed to both of us. It would also be fun to have a little holiday party (with snacks!) and get together with some friends and this kit and make yourselves a pendant to keep or to give as a gift--or make them for each other! What a good time that would be!!
Maybe my neice will be an etsy seller someday! In between violin, straight A's and all of her other activities, that is!! :-)

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