Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
While I truly try to count my blessings on a daily basis, today is a day I am saying it outloud.
I am so thankful for my children and my husband. They have taught me that love has no bounds. I am so grateful that these children have come to me, and truly think I have been so fortunate to be part of a match made in heaven. We are all blessed with health and enough to get through each day without need.
My family is truly wonderful. I am so grateful my parents are still here with me. They both worked so hard to teach us to be good people, they gave up so much so we could have privileges they never had while growing up. They worked hard not to repeat mistakes of their own parents, while carrying on the good things of their own childhoods. They have always been very supportive and I have truly felt like I am a treasure in their eyes. I am blessed to call my sister my best friend, and my brother, although far in distance, would walk on water if he needed to for his family.
My husband's family is equally wonderful. I am lucky to have gotten them! His parents are always there to be counted upon for small and large things, and his siblings have taught me a whole new way to show brotherly/sisterly love through teasing! :-D
Although it doesn't complete the many things I am thankful for, I would like to end with mentioning my thankfulness for my friends. I have a small group that I hold ever-so-dear, they are each special in their own ways, they support me, make me laugh, share their lives and families with me, encourage me, love me and I could not go on without them. I hope that I do the same for them.
Blessings to all of you on this day and every day to follow.
Now put on those elastic waisted pants and eat up!! Hee hee!!

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