Friday, November 21, 2008

Too Cold for Me, Too Cold for Resin?

Well, I will try not to waste too many words of this blog complaining about the weather--let's just say I am not a winter person (understatement!!). But this morning was a balmy 17 degrees with a windchill of 4 degrees! Goodness!! My poor fella had to really be bundled up this morning. I was silently grateful that my girlie doesn't have 4K today, and we could stay inside. Fortunately, my door faces the door to school, right across the street. So my BIG second grader can walk to the corner and cross with the crossing guard while I watch from my door.... so I got to stay toasty.

Well, the cold weather brings up a creative issue with me. Well, maybe not creative, but functional?? Resin takes a lot longer to cure when it is colder!! My snowflakes that I started yesterday are ready for a second layer at least, but if they were all done, they wouldn't be ready to pop out... In the warmer months, they would have been cured. It is difficult for me to be so patient!!!

I think what I will do to solve this problem is switch gears a bit... I have the snowflakes to finish up, and a couple of other Christmas projects using resin--then I might pack it away for a while (I say "might" because it is hard to stop an obsession!!). What I plan to try is soldering pendants. I put in my order last night, and am truly giddy with excitement!! I read this book: which I got from the library, and am fascinated! I know there are a lot of artists on etsy already doing this kind of work, and I can't help but try to join them. It looks like so much fun. When my heart really beats, I know it is something I HAVE to try! Yes, I get that excited about it!!!

As the winter progresses, I want to spend a little more time with my polymer clay (which just got so mushy in the summer heat--tho' might be harder to work with in the cold as well...) and also work on some off-loom bead weaving jewelry. And get my craft room organized. And, um, the whole house. Hmmm, I seem to have a long project list again!!! :-) No doubt the organizing will get dropped off, always seems the first to go!!!

I also need to include a picture of my fella sans winter gear because he got his first hair "style." It was a surprise to me when he came back from getting his haircut with my hubby. But it is getting a little long to spike up, so it was time for a picture before it was too late!! It is funny to me to be sharing my gel spray with my little guy! Now if I can only get my girlie to let me comb her hair without a fight! Good luck with THAT one!!

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