Saturday, November 22, 2008

World's Easiest Potato Salad

Before I go to hardboil some eggs, I thought I should share this recipe with you! We are going to a family party this afternoon and I am bringing potato salad. Now, this gets lots of compliments and it is SO EASY. It is almost cheating!
Hardboil some eggs--I usually do five or six. Peel and chop--leave out the yolks and just use the whites if you have guests with heart/cholesterol issues, you won't even notice they are gone. Open a few cans of potatoes--if you are really lazy like me, get the ones already sliced. I do rinse these to get extra salt off of them because we have people in our family watching sodium, but really it is up to you. Mix it with the eggs, and add Miracle Whip or mayo, and a dollop of spicy mustard (I love Guldens!) or Dijon. You can add green onions if that is the way you like it. Some pepper? In the summer I usually add fresh chives. There--you are done! And it never tastes dry!!
This recipe probably serves four or five... I am doubling it for the party!

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