Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is Over

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was busy and festive, filled with family and good food! With that said: PHEW!!!!!!! Although it was a great time, I am a bit relieved that the preparations are over, and we can get back to some normal-life around here.

One of my post-Christmas goals was to get back to my first jewelry-making love of off-loom bead weaving. It a way it is meditative with its repetition, and the colors of the beads are a feast for the eyes.

I got back to a free-form peyote project that I started long ago. Peyote is a basic beadweaving stitch, and to do it free-form means that you decide where it goes: you may have an idea in mind, but there is no pattern, the beads lead you. I find it very fun, and easier than following a pattern. That is interesting because my friend, and beadweaving mentor FarFrumPlainJane finds free-form challenging, while I find the incredibly gorgeous, detailed work she is most comfortable with most challenging! It is interesting how different minds work differently!

The project I am working on features lampworked beads I purchased several months ago from Alice Hunter-Kelly. I just love the colors--her beads are so gorgeous. Originally I planned this for myself, but I am not sure if I will list it on etsy or not. The lampworked bead set came with matching small round beads that I will make into coordinating earrings. It is a work in progress, but getting close. I have tiny clear-gold AB beads to add as well. Additionally I will weave a clasp of some sort, I haven't decided on that yet--or perhaps it is more correct to say the beads haven't told me, yet!

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