Friday, December 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Well, my mother scolded me that she wouldn't have to secretly spy on me on Twitter if I would just update my blog!!! :-) Isn't she a silly thing!?
But truly--how lucky am I that my parents are so very interested at me, even at my maturing age, to sit and read every word I write? They have always made me feel that they think I am so talented and special--all of us kids in our own ways. To grow up and grow older with that feeling is priceless. It is not something I take for granted and something I appreciate.
Maybe she will read that and get me a bigger Christmas present!!! JUST KIDDING, MOM!!! :-D
Ok, so that aside, where HAVE I been? Really, I have been nursing my craft show hangover all this time. I haven't done ANYTHING crafty except work on my hubby's Christmas gift from the kids with the kids. I've wrapped gifts, gone to work, watched some DVDs in the evening with hubby WITHOUT beads in my hands. I've been Twittering here and there, and pimping my etsy shop now and again--but I haven't even opened my ArtFire shop in days.
I guess I've gone on vacation. I need some time to renew my creativity. It got to the point where my ideas far outweighed my time, almost to an uncomfortable feeling--like my brain might burst... plus my housework waited, Christmas projects were being shoved aside... so I am taking a creative rest. And I think after several days of nothing (truly I have not taken several days off from crafts in a few YEARS) I will feel renewed.
Except as I am typing this I just remembered some stuff I need to do... jewelry promised... I was going to make Christmas earring for my daughter from polymer clay... oh well, the rest was short... I'd better get back to work tonight!

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